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We are family owned and run dog training academy

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You can confidently place your trust in us to help your dogs become their best selves.

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Proper knowledge is the cornerstone of our dog training service​

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Our dog training academy goes beyond simply training your dogs; our primary goal is to cultivate a lasting bond between you and your beloved furry friends. We recognize and appreciate the unique and extraordinary connection that exists between a dog and its owner.

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From 8-week old puppies to older dogs that need to be rehabilitated.

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Unveil the effectiveness of cutting-edge dog training approaches in providing humane, efficient, and individualized answers

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Discover the advantages of utilizing force-free training techniques, where rewarding positive behavior results in content and obedient canines.

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With a focus on maximizing your dog's abilities, our team of experienced trainers is dedicated to their development

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Alana - Sacramento, CA

Dog Owner

recall, and frankly just didn't know where to start to be successful in training. Juan did a superb job creating a tailored training plan for us and gave very clear instructions on what we needed to work on every week. He was very patient and charismatic, and he answered all my questions (there were a lot!) very thoroughly. I could see progress every week as Ping listened more intently and know how to better reward and correct her behaviors. I'm happy to report that not even half a year after working with him, Ping is practically a different dog! She's so much more confident, and we can take her anywhere with full trust that she will behave and listen to us on a dime. We are beyond grateful for Juan's services and would recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with their dogs. Thank you for everything!

Annie - Natomas,CA

Dog Owner

After we adopted Hazel a few years ago, we began to observe some behavioral challenges that emerged over time. She developed reactivity problems, became excessively protective and fearful when encountering other individuals, sounds, and dogs, ultimately resulting in displays of aggression. We completed private training sessions with Juan and attend group class as often as we can. Juan is knowledgeable and patient, and you can tell that both him and his wife, Sarah, love what they do! Hazel has made a significant amount of progress over the past few months. Previously, whenever we took her outside for walks or if someone approached us, she would constantly be on edge. But now, she has become noticeably more at ease, allowing us to walk past people and dogs with hardly any reactivity from her. She has learned the “down” command and recalls as well. We highly recommend Juan and Sarah if you’re seeking a dedicated trainer for you and your pup! Thank you guys for all you’ve done and continue to do, you’ve had a huge impact on ours and Hazel’s lives and we’re truly grateful!

Elizabeth - Roseville, CA

Dog Owner

My husband and I adopted our puppy Macie last September from Front Street Animal shelter. We quickly realized that she had dog aggression while being on a leash. We love to go camping and take her for walks and that behavior was not something we could handle on our own. We were referred to Juan by a coworker and signing up for his private lessons were the best thing we could have ever done. Juan is very thorough in explaining the process and the types of techniques he uses and is great with both the dogs and humans. 😜 We saw immediate results after the first lesson and now after 3 months of training Macie is doing great. We highly recommend Juan and his family. They are truly amazing!

Joanna - Elk Grove, CA

Dog Owner

When we met Juan, he was straight forward and honest. His reviews and videos say it all. We can see he has a passion to train dogs and values his relationship with his clients. We finally made the move to have Bosa do the Board and Train Program. Our dog had some basic obedient issues that we needed Juan to help us out with. Bosa finally came home yesterday, and he's a different dog. He's still kinda goofy, and playful but i see the remarkable difference in him. Juan went above and beyond than expected! Juan and his family are very good people. They make you feel like you're part of their family as well. I can't thank them enough for taking good care of our dog Bosa. If you're one of those people (which I am one of those lol! ) that keep searching and searching for the right trainer, stop here, and call JPK9 Academy asap! Thank you again Juan, Sarah and Family! 5 STAR!!! Best, Airoso Family *See Bosa and the other dogs that Juan trained on his instagram page JPK9ACADEMY

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