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Our Dog Training Classes

Our Dog Training Class!

The Best Class For Your Dog

Our dog training classes provide a wealth of valuable resources, advice, and assistance to assist owners and their beloved pets in establishing a solid connection through efficient training methods and encouraging reinforcement techniques.

Puppy Training

Embark on the ideal start for your beloved pet's transformation into a well-mannered and joyful addition to your family through our puppy training program

Board and Train

At JPK9Academy, we offer a complete solution for your dog's training needs through our Boarding and Training program. This approach is designed to accelerate your dog's learning process and achieve comprehensive results
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Group Obedience

During our group training sessions, we facilitate the gathering of dogs and their owners to acquire fundamental obedience and socialization skills

Private Lessons

Experience individualized attention for both you and your dog through our exclusive private training sessions, which focus on obedience training, Behavior Modification techniques and house breaking (manners)

Behavior Modification

Our distinctive method of behavior modification can help turn your anxious, aggressive and ill-mannered dog into a more self-assured and well-behaved companion
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Puppy Kindergarten

Our advanced training camps are unlike any other experience! We train in our home, at local parks, and in places you would take your own dog.

Our Approach

The Best Training For The Best Result

Build A Trust

You can confidently place your trust in us to help your dogs become their best selves.

Proper Knowledge

Proper knowledge is the cornerstone of our dog training service‚Äč

Life-long Bond

Our dog training academy goes beyond simply training your dogs; our primary goal is to cultivate a lasting bond between you and your beloved furry friends. We recognize and appreciate the unique and extraordinary connection that exists between a dog and its owner.


Dog Training Questions and Answers

Enhance your dog’s skills and behavior with the training programs offered at JPK9Academy, which include obedience training, behavior problem solving, socialization, house training, and advanced training if desired.

To enroll your puppy in our puppy kindergarten camp, we ask for a vaccination record that is up to date. This implies that your furry friend must have received all the necessary vaccinations for their current age. Additionally, we request that you provide sufficient food for their stay, as they will not be returning home every day

The length of training at JPK9Academy may differ based on the unique requirements of your dog and the specific training programs you opt for. Generally, basic obedience training can span from a few weeks to a few months, whereas tackling more intricate behavioral problems might necessitate additional time.

We will over time frames for training during our initial evaluation

Visitation is not available during their stay in order to maintain an uninterrupted training schedule and ensure their complete focus. However, we do share captivating pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram for everyone to enjoy!

We are delighted to inform you that your puppy will receive in-home training from a professional trainer, ensuring they are well-prepared for a joyful and fulfilling life.