K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed XL


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  • Chew Proof Dog Bed: For dogs who persistently chew their beds, and who’ve turned lesser dog beds into a pile of rags. Not just chew resistant, this dog bed is an indestructible dog bed.
  • Chew Resistant Dog Bed: This elevated dog bed resists all destructive dog habits such as chewing, biting, scratching, digging, and nesting. This is due in part to the full aluminum dog bed design, and also to the ripstop ballistic fabric used for the bed.
  • 120 Day Chew Proof Warranty – If your dog chews through or damages any part of their bed within 120 days of receiving it, we will replace the damaged item once free of charge.
  • Crate Dog Bed: Designed to fit in all standard size dog crates. This crate dog bed fits snuggly (not tight) without any gaps. This helps keep your dog safe in his crate, and also helps prevent damage a dog’s attempts to damage the crate dog bed.
  • Arrives pre-assembled. Heavy Duty Aluminum Chew Proof Dog bed.
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America’s best-selling elevated dog bed.


Ballistic Fabrics: Our products are designed to last longer. Buying less often leads to a smaller carbon footprint…less energy used, less fuel burned and fewer materials in landfills all lead to a cleaner planet. Spending a little more money upfront means you have access to products that can last a lifetime. A little more money spent initially is going to get you a better-quality product and one which will last a lot longer. Our fabrics are easily spot-cleaned. This helps save water that would otherwise be used in the laundry process

Armored Frames:Our Armored Frames are made from Aluminum. Aluminum is 100% recyclable as well as infinitely recyclable. It is one of the only materials that takes less energy in the recycling process than it takes to produce new material.

More Information: Our JPK9 Academy Chew Proof Armored Rip-Stop Elevated Dog Bed is virtually indestructible for 99% of dogs. It is engineered tough with our famous high-performance K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Fabric & Chew Proof Armored Frame.

Made from our Ballistic rip-stop fabric with a DRW (durable water repellant) finish and waterproof backing, this elevated bed has an all-metal frame protecting fabric edges and removing access points from persistent chewers. Made to keep your dog off the hard ground and provide great all-over support. Fits most standard crates. Stuffing-free design deters the urge for most dogs to try and destroy this bed.



 we understand that responsible innovation means making decisions with the highest regard for people, pets, and the planet. Our products are not just built better, they are built responsibly.

Built with the purpose to last longer so you buy less often. We promise to continue designing purpose-driven, durable, and versatile products for your dogs’ active lifestyles.



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