Signature K9 6 foot leash by 1/2 wide


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  • Law Enforcement and Military grade professional training equipment
  • High-quality latigo leather offers a lifetime of durability and strength you expect from a leather leash
  • American made by old world Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, USA
  • Beveled edges for all-day hand comfort
  • Leather only gets better with age
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Sizing Instructions: Collar should fit snugly just below the dog’s ears. Designed for dogs with the neck circumference of UP TO 12 inches. Can be adjusted by adding or removing links individually. Do not remove more than 2 links from each side.

This Model Comes in Three Sizes:

2.25 mm gauge by 16 inches of overall length – for dog neck size of UP TO 12 inches

3.2 mm gauge by 23 inches of overall length – for dog neck size of UP TO 20 inches

4 mm gauge by 25 inches of overall length – for dog neck size of UP TO 22 inches

Herm Sprenger Black Stainless-Steel Prong Collar: One of the most recognizable and popular names in obedience training tools. A safe and effective alternative to choker collars, it puts even pressure around the neck, about every half inch, pinching the skin in a band. You can train your dog with little or no tugging, jerking, or pulling. Addition of the center fastener plate allows the links to be configured symmetrically, enabling prongs to tighten in the same direction.

Features: A solid fastener plate that provides secure connection making fastening of the collar around your dog’s neck easier and safer. Each interlocking link is equipped with two blunt and slightly beveled prongs – effective, yet safe and do not cause pain. A Swivel D-Ring for full mobility with the leash.





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