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  • PRECISE CONTROL: With 127 correction levels, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect level for your dog with the gradual and precise correction control. The levels are bright and easy to read with the LCD screen and can be adjusted precisely at any time with the Rheostat Dial.
  • CORRECTIONS: The 280C has two different correction types. The first correction type is a Nick (quick ½-second) and the second type is a Constant correction (up to 12 seconds). The e-collar also has a HPP (High-Performance Pager) which offers a clear vibration to alert dogs while training. Find the right fit for you and your dog with this dynamic e-collar.
  • IPX9K WATERPROOF CERTIFIED: The 280C is IPX9K waterproof certified, which means it passed the International Protection Marking system. Products are verified if they can stand a close-range high-pressure liquid spray from 4 angles (pressure of 80-100 bars and a temperature of 176°F).
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This receiver is great for small dogs with its compact design. It fits perfectly in one hand and has a “no-look” design so you can keep your eyes on your dog. It’s designed for dogs up to 10 pounds and is ideal for obedience or field training.
  • ½-MILE RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for many situations and all simple commands for your dog. With a range of ½-mile, this e-collar is a great choice for basic obedience training and entry-level field work.


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Astute trainers with proper training tools are the key to unleashing your dog’s potential. For over 30 years, Dogtra has collaborated with industry professionals to create tools for e-collar training, GPS tracking, and ball training to support dog owners in developing top-notch dogs. Trusted by professional dog trainers, K-9 officers, and hunters, Dogtra enhances your training journey with durable training products, equipped with accurate and intuitive control, to ensure a great experience.



Dogtra 280C

Waterproof 127-Level Precise Control LCD Screen ½-Mile Remote Training Dog E-Collar.

The Dogtra 280C is a 1/2-mile range compact e-collar with all the key essential

s for a dog. The 280C e-collar comes with a waterproof receiver 

and handheld transmitter that outputs low-mid correction output in 0-127 levels, precisely controlled by a Rheostat Dial and LCD screen to display the exact level. A perfect remote training tool for basic obedience or field training, where you need a reduced size receiver for a smaller dog.


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